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Welcome to the Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football Club website. For all your news and information on the clubs season.

Player Registration

Thanks to all those of you who collected their Usernames and passwords last night at training.

As you would have heard we all need to re-register for season 2014.
Below is the link you will need to register for Season 2014.
Important that all players do this!

Please use the username and password collected last night.

If you have not received your username and password please come down to training and speak to either

Ed = Edwards.andrew@johnxxiii.edu.au
Marshy = reegan.marsh09@gmail.com
Troopa = Andrew.Dawe@landcorp.com.au 
Sheldon = sheldon.wulff@gmail.com

While doing the registration process I really encourage you to process your fees.
If you don't want to do it there you can deposit it straight into our account.

All details to do with fees are shown below.

Season 2014 Begins

Team Days Arrive
League & Reserves Tuesday & Thursday 5.45pm
D Grade & D Reserve Monday & Thursday 6.30pm
Colts Monday 5.45pm
Colts Thursday 7.00pm

Please make sure you have joggers, water bottle and boots for trainings. More details will be available via your coaches at training.

A Grade: Clayton Gardiner Ph: 0408 645 788
A Reserve: Michael McGowan Ph: 0435 050 556
D Grade: Richard Hallam Ph: 0405 317 434
D Reserve: Paul Greonveld Ph: 0429 864 374
A Colts: Jake Foley Ph: 0408 937 919


Coaching Positions

The following Coaching positions are still available.

  • Second Colts Coach (Season 2013 - Brett Jones Colts)

    For any information on these positions please contact Football Director Andrew Dawe (0420 998 691 or Andrew.Dawe@landcorp.com.au)

Go Boomers!

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